Teeth Whitening

As people get older they often seek out different channels to restore a youthful appearance. One well-kept secret is that whitening your teeth can shave years off your appearance. Stained, discolored teeth can age a person by several years. Younger adults will find whitening their teeth gives them a healthier, more appealing image.

Many things can cause darkening of the teeth. Personal habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco are well-known culprits that cause teeth to look brown and dingy. Less harmful substances can also cause discoloration over time. Dark foods such as berries and certain spices, when consumed on a regular basis, will cause teeth to look aged after a while. Coffee, tea and red wines also contribute to stains. The good news is that such staining can be undone with this cosmetic dental treatment.

Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Whether it is the local discount store, grocery, or pharmacy, OTC whitening products are easy to purchase and there are many to choose from. With such a great variety of whiteners on the market, why have your teeth whitened at the dental office? There are actually several reasons why a professional whitening procedure is preferred over a kit you purchase at the store.

To begin with, your dentist knows your teeth. Some people have very sensitive teeth and they may have an adverse reaction to home whitening kits. Professional whitening is safe. When your teeth are whitened in the dental office, safety measures are employed to ensure that your teeth will not be damaged in the process. This is not something that is readily available in commercial take-home kits.

The whitening process is monitored in the dental office. It can be done in stages so that the change is gradual. If a problem should occur during the procedure, it can be addressed immediately. Overall, getting your teeth professionally whitened will deliver safer, brighter, whiter results.

Contact Southern Dental Group of Wynne today to find out more about getting your teeth whitened. You may not need to look for the fountain of youth. Just spend some time relaxing while we whiten your teeth. The results will be amazing.

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