Wynne Cosmetic Dentist

Can you honestly say that you are happy with your smile? If you can, then good for you! That is what we like to hear at Southern Dental Group of Wynne. If you are not so happy with your smile, take heart. We have cosmetic dental treatments to get your smile exactly the way you want it.

Being able to smile with confidence is important. When you have dental issues or flaws that keep you from smiling, it affects a lot more than just your appearance. We can help you get back the assuredness and self-esteem that come with a beautiful smile. Talk to us about your concerns regarding your smile and we will show you what treatments are available to get it looking good.

If you have missing teeth, we can restore them with dental bridgework. Close the gaps caused by missing teeth. If you have dull and dingy teeth, they can be whitened professionally so that you look years younger. Over the years, foods, beverages, even habits have caused your teeth to become darker. We can bring back that vivacious brightness.

If you have slightly crooked or misshapen teeth, porcelain veneers may be the answer. There are procedures we can use to help you get your best smile including:

Composite fillings are also available if you are interested in replacing silver fillings. Composites are tooth-colored fillings that blend in well with your natural teeth. Used in anterior teeth for decades, composites are now durable and strong enough to be used in some fillings for back teeth as well.

You can have the Hollywood smile of your dreams though the cosmetic treatments we have available at Southern Dental Group. Getting your perfect smile may be easier than you think. Why not contact us today and make an appointment for a consultation?

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