Tooth Extractions

Daily oral hygiene practices and regular visits to your dentist for general dentistry are front-line defenses against tooth decay and other dental issues. Even with meticulous care, it is still possible to end up losing a tooth to extraction. Oral hygiene is not the only player when it comes to dental health. Genetics, medications, personal habits, and trauma to the mouth all have a role in whether a tooth will be lost at some point in your life.

It is always best to save a tooth if at all possible; however, not every situation lends itself to salvaging a damaged tooth. When that is the case, Southern Dental provides you with a serene, relaxing atmosphere in which your tooth can be extracted comfortably. Even though most extractions are very routine procedures, undergoing one can cause feelings of apprehension. Sedation is available for our patients who need a little extra help with relaxing.

Many extractions are simple, requiring only a few minutes to complete. When a tooth has three or four roots, as in the case of molars, the procedure can be a little more time-consuming and require more effort. The condition of the tooth also factors into the ease of extraction. Digital X-rays give the dentist an idea of how involved the process may be. A tooth that is broken off at the gum line or weak with decay may take more time to remove.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last teeth to erupt in human dentition are wisdom teeth. These molars are known for growing in crooked or sideways. They are often impacted, meaning they push up against or under the neighboring tooth. They usually begin growing in during the late teens or early twenties. Discomfort often accompanies wisdom tooth eruption. Generally, these teeth are removed, preferably before they cause problems.

When you need a tooth extracted, having the procedure carried out with a gentle touch and compassion is important. At Southern Dental Group of Munford, your comfort is always a top priority for us. We minimize the discomfort you experience during this procedure and perform it in such a way as to promote fast healing. Contact us when you need a tooth extracted or wisdom teeth removed.

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