Same Day Dentistry

Southern Dental Group is happy to provide same day dentistry for the residents of Munford, TN and the surrounding areas. We understand that sometimes a person may have a dental emergency or perhaps their schedule is such that they do not have the luxury of scheduling appointments in advance. It may be too difficult to commit to a future appointment due to employment responsibilities.

Being able to access dental care services when you need it, especially when you need it on the day you call for an appointment, is a big plus. When that care is provided by a team of caring dental experts in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere it is even better. You can expect excellent service when you come to Southern Dental Group for your oral care needs.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

Each day we set aside time in our schedule to accommodate those patients who may need same day care. We cannot guarantee you a spot on the schedule due to the unpredictability of people calling for same day appointments; however, if we cannot get you in today, we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible the following day.

We realize that many of our patients calling for same day appointments are experiencing dental emergencies. This is why we always do our best to accommodate those who call for an appointment right away. Dental emergencies can take all forms. It is not just the excruciating toothache or getting hit by a baseball bat that brings people into the dental office in a panic.

Sometimes the emergency can be as simple as a broken denture or a crown that has come off. Neither of these situations is necessarily painful, but they are situations that need to be addressed quickly. Give us a call at Southern Dental Group. If we have space to accommodate you, we will book you immediately. Contact us because we may be able to see you today!

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