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Looking in the mirror and wishing you had a more appealing smile will not make it happen. Calling Southern Dental Group of Munford and making an appointment for a consultation for a smile makeover will make it happen. We provide cosmetic dentistry to help our patients achieve the smile they truly want.

Getting an appealing smile does not necessarily require extensive dental procedures. In fact, a simple procedure, whitening your teeth, can make a huge difference in the way you look. As time advances, teeth become dingy and discolored. You may not even notice the difference since it happens subtly over the years. You look in the mirror and smile, but you look old, maybe even haggard. A trip to the dentist to whiten your teeth and remove the stains and suddenly you look years younger and rejuvenated. That is what a simple procedure can do for you.

Cosmetic dentistry services can shave years off your appearance and give you a smile you love to show.

If you are looking for a more dramatic change in your smile, call for a consultation appointment to discuss the feasibility of porcelain veneers. Veneers can hide a multitude of dental flaws while giving you a beautifully vibrant smile. Stubborn discolorations that cannot be removed by cleaning or whitening your teeth can be covered with veneers. Small gaps between teeth will be eliminated. If your teeth are slightly crooked or misshapen, veneers will make them look perfect.

When you have cavities that need to be filled, consider getting composite fillings. Composites have been used in anterior teeth for decades. Now, advances in dental technologies and materials make them equally as popular in molars, replacing the traditional silver fillings. You can have a mouth full of natural-looking teeth instead of spots of silver.

If you do not like to smile due to the embarrassment of missing teeth, talk to us about getting dental bridges. This oral prosthetic closes the gaps caused by missing teeth and restores your smile. A full set of teeth is always more appealing to look at. We will talk you through the process so you will know what to expect when you opt for the convenience and beauty of a dental bridge.

When you want to change your smile so that it looks the best it can be, contact Southern Dental Group of Munford to schedule your appointment. We work with you to get your most appealing smile.

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