How Early Should a Child See the Dentist?

When it comes to your child's smile, the best way to take care of his or her teeth is to prevent problems from having a chance to get bad in the first place.

Most pediatricians and dental experts recommend that a child receive his or her first dental exam sometime around their first birthday, or whenever the teeth start to cut through.

Routine visits at a young age serve several purposes:

Desensitizing young children to the dental environment. Having several "fun" visits to the dentist means that your child won't develop an impression of these trips being associated with something painful or invasive. Instead, it's something they can actually look forward to.

Identifying problems when they're easier to treat. Primary ("baby") teeth decay at a very rapid rate due to their anatomical structure. A tiny cavity is a simple and inexpensive thing to correct, until it manifests itself into an infected nerve and severely decayed crown.

Avoiding dental emergencies, because small areas can be assessed early, before causing intense pain or infection. Believe it or not, a dental abscess could put your child in the hospital.

Orthodontic assessments. Sure, braces may be years away, but your child's adult smile is developing right now. If a tooth is coming in improperly or lost prematurely, it may cause a significant impact on the eruption patterns of the permanent adult tooth. In some cases, early intervention is necessary (such as a space maintainer) to avoid unwanted bite discrepancies later on.

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